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Full Estate Liquidation! 3 Catalogs! Collectible Toys, Tools, Art, Household Items! Many Antique & Vintage Items!

Auction Opens: Sunday Aug 12th  9am

In Home Preview: Weds Aug 15th  5pm-7pm

1891 Williams St Lower Mount Bethel Twp, PA 18063

Closes: Thurs Aug 16th  6pm at 1 lot/min

Pick up: Sat Aug 18th  10am-2pm

address is given to winning bidders

Full Catalogs Opens on Sunday August 12th  

First Time Buyers Must Register

Catalog 1-Furniture, Crockery, Art, Household Goods

Catalog 2 - Bears, Dolls, Vintage Items, Many Brand New in Box Small Items and Doll Houses Items
Catalog 3 - Repurposer Dream and Rusty Gold!

1: Decorative Mirrors
2: Vintage Board Games incl Monoply
3: Mailing/Packaging Materials
4: Tissue Paper
5: Fletcher 1000 Professional Oval and Circle Cutting System
6: Embroidery Hoops with Stand
7: Wall Clock Timeworks. Inc H. Dubois Brown 20"
8: Canes
9: Mat Boards, Paper Rolls, Lining
10: 2 Cat Statues
11: Decorative Cabinet 
12: Wooden Victorian Girl E. Dietrich 1989 Jed-Dolly 1988
13: Assorted Needlepoint pillows
14: Wooden Side Table
15: Embroidered Pillows, some miniature/Child/Doll size
16: Mouse Décor; Metal Bookends, Resin box and Figurine
17: Victorian Décor Christmas Stockings
18: Tapers, Candlesticks, Candle Holders
19: Baekgaard Edwardian Box Game and Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe
20: Baekgaard Edwardian Box Game and Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe
21: Baekgaard Edwardian Box Game and Abacus
22: Sea Traveler Décor; Telescope, Compasses, Bell
23: Flower Fairies
24: Sea Traveler Décor; Telescope, Compasses
25: Sea Traveler Décor; Telescope, Compasses, Treasure Chest
26: Metal Flower Bell and Fish Sprinkler
27: Metal Flower Bell and Frog Sprinkler
28: Metal Flower Bell and Frogs Sprinkler
29: Gargoyles Studio Wall Mounted Resin Lion
30: Hats
31: Rich Connolly Chalk Santas 2006; #129 Special Edition, #146, #147, #210
32: Rich Connolly Chalk Santas 2005; #183, #191, #192, Snowman #190
33: Religious Statue, Angel Décor, Crucifix, Cross
34: Wall Clocks; Bunnies, Timeworks, INC Twinkle Twinkle
35: Wall Clocks, Timeworks, Inc; Noel 13 Inch
36: Vintage Women's Hats
37: Cowboy Hat in Stetson Box-
38: Metal Candlesticks
39: Metal Leaf Décor Candle Holders
40: Green Glass Candle Holder
41: Wood/Metal Décor
42: Miniature Green Hutch
43: Decorative Clock
44: Miniature Cabinet
45: Wooden Fish/ Duck Ornaments
46: Clocks; Wall Mounted Timeworks, Inc Calais Square 10", Fraiser & Son Clock with Cabinet 
47: Decorative Round Mirrors
48: Porcelain Doll in Diorama Style Scene
49: 2 Small Quilts
50: Teddy Bear Childs Quilt
51: Blanket
52: Quilt Blue & White Pattern
53: Wall Clock
54: Rich Connolly Chalk Santas and Angel 2007 #164
55: Resin Décor; Boxes, Frames, Wall Hangings
56: Rich Connolly Chalk Halloween 2006 #119, @120, #121
57: Rich Connolly Chalk Roosters 2005 #182, #183
58: Rich Connolly Chalk Santas/Snowmen/Reindeer 2004; #237, #280, #281
59: Resin Fruit, wall mount
60: Gourd Pumpkin Baskets Hand Crafted by Meadowbrook Gourds
61: Vintage Travel Frame and Boxes
62: Metal Ornaments
63: Chicken/Egg Country Décor
64: Timework, Inc Storytime Collection Wall Clocks; Tinplate Toys, Tin Drum
65: Cutting Boards and Tile Trivets
66: Timework, Inc Storytime Collection Wall Clocks; Three Bears, Tin Drum
67: Resin Bird Décor
68: Wooden Duck Decoys
69: Round Wooden Boxes
70: Timeworks, Inc Petite Table Square Geneva Nickel
71: Wooden Bowls, some with Lids, Candle holder
72: Wooden Dresser with Dovetail Drawers
73: Cowboy Boots
74: Cow and Pigs Statues
75: Cast Iron Pig Doorstops Johnson Bros Packing
76: Painted Cast Pig Doorstops
77: Metal Umbrella Holder and Pots
78: Pair of Small Decorative Cabinets
79: Ribbon
80: Laptop Bags
81: Round Wooden Containers
82: Decorative Mirrors
83: Wooden Shelves
84: Painted Wooden Décor
85: Childrens Table 
86: Assorted Wooden Boxes
87: Framed Print
88: The Quigley Design Collection Garden Series Clematis
89: Annie LaPoint Framed Watercolor Print
90: Wooden Bench
91: Throw Pillows
92: Vintage Wooden Dresser, Distressed, One Drawer Replaced
93: Signed/Wooden Framed Oil Paint on Canvas
94: Framed Floral Prints
95: Framed Print
96: Framed Bears The Folk art of Mary Beth Baxter
97: Framed Bird Photo
98: Framed Artwork, Signed Engler 76
99: Framed Art
100: Hanging Shell/Driftwood Art
101: Large Decorative Birdhouse
102: Hen-Feathers Resin Bear Statues
103: Dog Statue and Bookends
104: Rabbit/Hare Statues
105: Pig Statues
106: Artificial Tree
107: Swans with open backs/ planters
108: 2 Cat Statues
109: Hand Painted Dresser
110: Shoe Statues and Frames
111: Childrens Décor; Cow Jumping Over the Moon, ABC Block Bank, Chimes
112: Wedgwood
113: Gargoyle and Gothic Décor Candle Holders
114: Schmid Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter music Box
115: Cut Glass
116: Midcentury Round Table w/chairs & leaves
117: v&a museum Drawer Pulls
118: Russ's Li'l Luvables Bear Figurines
119: Assorted Teapots and Tea Dishes
120: Artificial Plant
121: Artificial Plant
122: Artificial Plant
123: Candle Holders
124: Cigar Boxes
125: Two's Company Dog Bookends
126: P.J.'s Carousal Collection Carousal Horse Statue
127: Garden Gnome
128: Gumball Machine
129: Metal Cap Marked Lafayette College Department of Civil Engineering 
130: The Beehive Collection Plate Set
131: Decorative Skeleton Keys 
132: Bathroom Towel Hooks - American Retold
133: Bird Décor
134: Ceramic Poodle Statue
135: Tender Heart Wooden Candlestick Holders
136: Decorative Vase, Plate, Clock Grayshott Pottery & Signed Pieces
137: Assorted Doll/Childrens Tea Dishes
138: Limoges China Childrens Tea Set
139: Film Cameras, Handheld Tape Recorders
140: Limoges China Childrens Tea Set
141: Childrens Tea Set
142: Hand painted Boxes
143: Childrens Tea Set
144: Childrens Tea Set
145: Ceramic Teapot and Containers
146: Avon Containers
147: Liette International Tea Set
148: Cadillac Lighter and 1955 Chevrolet Belair Model
149: Vintage Custard Jadeite Glass Teacup and Saucer
150: Decorative Glass Dish - Murano Style
151: Asian Floral Vase
152: Metal Candle Holders; Owl, Mini Streetlamp, Grapes
153: Vintage Photographs and Album
154: Small Wooden Boxes
155: Decorative Garden Stepping Stones
156: Roseville Blue Splatter Wash Bowl and Pitcher
157: Crock Vase
158: Handmade Paper Animal Décor by Paper Circus
159: Crock 
160: Crock 
161: Crock, Repaired
162: Crock 
163: Crock 
164: Crock 
165: White Teddy Bear and Piggy Banks
166: Crock R.R.P. Co. Roseville Ohio U.S.A.
167: Crock Jug
168: Stoneware Brown Top Jug
169: #5 Crock
170: Robinson Ransbottom Blue Crown #3 Crock
171: Robinson Ransbottom #2 Crock
172: Mini Desktop Water Features
173: Handblown Glass Décor
174: McCoy Train Cookie Jar
175: Marx Soldiers
176: Bartosh and Hen Feathers Rabbit Statues
177: Rocking Animals
178: Pipe and Pipe stand
179: Pink Glass Bowl and Leaf, Green Glass and Blue Chicken Lid
180: Gargoyles
181: Milk glass Sleigh and Flower Arrangement Bowl
182: Noah's Arks
183: Pull-Along Sheep 2 one-of-a-kind HERB BREYMAIER 
184: Cast Iron Skillets; 8 Inch Marked 5, Wagner Ware Sidney 1053 A Marked 3
185: Wooden Carved Heart Bowl with Wooden Apples
186: Wooden Bowls and Lazy Susan
187: ABC Barn Duck Decoy & Others
188: Smith-Corona Coronet Electric 12 Typewriter
189: Onkyo Quartz Synthesized Tuner Amplifier and JVC TD-W128 Double Cassette Deck and 4 Speakers
190: Gold Framed Mirror and Art
191: Vintage Small Wooden Server
192: Gold Framed Mirror
193: Metal Candle Holders
194: Water Bird Decor
195: Large Glasses and Holders
196: Miniature Iron Tricycle with Passenger Seat
197: Vintage Wooden Sleigh
198: Chair
199: Ceramic Pig Plant Stand
200: Copper Tea Pots
201: TIns
202: Rocking Carousel Horse
203: Vintage Pots, Pans, and Roasters
204: Enamel Pots and Roasters
205: Oversized Carousel Bunny
206: Mini Vases 
207: Hutch by Drexel
208: Metal/Wooden Kitchen Stand with Wine Rack
209: Century Hutch
210: Holly Hobbie Prints and Bowl
211: Bunny Decor
212: Vintage Plastic Dishes inc Tupperware & Disney
213: Silhouette Decor
214: Delft Candle Holder
215: Seth Thomas Mantle Clock
216: Novelty Cat in Crate Bank
217: Gravy Boat and Serving Dish
218: Wooden Duck and Duck Lamp
219: Vase, Clock, Covered Bowl
220: Framed Etching Small Mouth Bass 171/200 by Larry Crawford
221: Framed Water Color Signed Brenda 82
222: Framed Art
223: Framed Print
224  Fatal Attraction 77/1000 Signed Brenda Messinger-Vall 1988
225: The Quigley Design Collection Garden Series Good Morning
226: Framed Floral Watercolor Prints Jodi Jensen 
227: Framed Floral Watercolor Prints Jodi Jensen
228: Framed Art
229: Framed Owl Art
230: Floral Decor; Chargers, Candlestick Holders, Vases, Urn, And Containers
231: Glass Pitchers, Bowl, Ice Cream
232: Copper Molds, Double Boiler, Serving Dishes
233: Pewter Dishes Several Brands Incl Wilton & Empire
234: Vintage stand mixer, Blender, Electric Knife
235: Cat on Chair
236: Glass Bowls, Salt Shaker, Punch Bowl
237: Guest Books, Ledgers, Invitations
238: Card Sets
239: Coffee Pot and Carafe, Travel Mug
240: Fish Bowls
241: Rolling Pin and Cookie Mold
242: Pencil Holders and bag of pencils
243: Vintage Storage Containers
244: Brass/Brass tone decor
245: Emile Henry Ovenware
246: Vintage Glass Milk Bottles and Baby Bottles
247: Chargers
248: Vintage Eyeglasses, most frames marked goldplate
249: Blue Enamel Teapots and Cups
250: Silver Tone Decor
251: Cookbooks and Recipe Box
252: Glass Containers
253: Salt Shakers
254: Assorted Kitchen Utensils/Gadgets
255: Pots and Pans
256: Flashlights
257: Matchboxes
258: Placemats
259: Vintage Eyeglasses
260: Ceramic Containers
261: Vintage Kitchen Appliances
26: Glass Bottles
263: White Counter Containers and Clear Glass Cookie Jar
265: Iron Candle Holders
266: Wreathes
267: Bags
268: Horse Stuff
269:  Plastic Baskets
270: Glass Flowers 
271: Metal Pots and Pans
272: Mason Jars
273: Doll Furniture
274: Sports Balls
275: Cutting Boards
276: Rackets and Tennis Balls and Shuttle Cocks
277: Light Bulbs
278: Bed Tray
279: Baskets
280: Antique Metal Top/Spinner
281a: Vintage Barbies with Case
282a: Vintage Children's Toys
283a: legos
284a: Fischer Price Toys
286: Delco Battery Tester 
287a: 2 Desk Lamps
288a: Boss Azure Needle Valve
289: Mid Century Hanging Lamp
290a: Grouping of Westinghouse Flood Lights
291a: Ash Flash Vintage Battery Op Torch
292a: Vintage Green Glass Roasting Pan
293a: 2 Fans Westinghouse & Fridget
294a: Grouping of Electrical Supplies 
295a: Clock & Shelf
296a: Large Grouping of Vintage Christmas Including Glass Ornaments
297a: baskets with fruit 
298a: yardsticks
299a: assorted hats
300a: Sunflower Wall Bird Bath
301: Rotary Phones
302: Table Lamps
303: Stained Glass hanging shade
1a: Records
2a: Records
3a: Douglas Cuddle Toys Bears
4a: Countrylife New Zealand Robin Rive Bears, Nibs, Marriott
5a: TY Animals Beanie Babies
6a: Assorted Collectible Bears
7a: Lotions, Bath oils, Milk Bath, Perfumes, Soaps
8a: Assorted Collectible Bears
9a: North American Bear Co; The Vandbear Family, Muffy Vanderbear, Muffy Vanderbear at the beach
10a: Bears in the Attic from the Boyds Collection Ltd; Assorted
11a: Assorted Ganz
12a: Table Linens
13a: Table Linens
14a: Table Linens
15a: Table Linens and napkin rings
16a: Assorted Russ Animals
17a: The Boyds Collection, J.B. Bean Series; Assorted Animals
18a: Stuffed bears and Panda
19a: Tablecloth and Blanket
20a: Gund Bears
21a: Assorted Bears
22a: The Boyds Collection, The Archive Series; Assorted Animals
23a: Cloth Dolls
24a: Bunnies
25a: Bears
26a: Bookcase
27a: Movable Carved Animals
28a: Doll Décor
29a: Bear Decor
30a: Décor
31a: Holiday Décor
32a: Framed Angels
33a: Framed Country/Animal Décor
34a: Frames
35a: Daddy's Figurines and keepstakes
36a: Arrow Electric Ball Clock
37a: Framed Prints
38a: Framed Prints W.Kimble
39a: Framed Print
40a: Framed Print Crown of Thorns
41a: Rolling Slotted Cart
42a: Farm Animal Figurines and Decor
43a: Small Wooden Boxes
44a: Hangable Metal Tile Art
45a: Trays
46a: Serenity Garden Hand Tuned Windchimes and Handdrum
47a: Painted Wooden Santa Silhouettes
48a: Fur Animals
49a: Office Organization Lot
50a: Wooden Pillar Candle Holders
51a: White Unpainted Figurines
52a: Baskets
53a: Painted Wooden Cat Silhouettes and other Cat Decor
54a: Sea Sponge, Coral, Shell Baskets
55a: Reproduction Cloth Dolls
56a: Sea Sponge, Coral, Shell Baskets
57a: Maps
58a: Beads, Sequin, Bells
59a: Nautical Decor; Lighthouse Lamp, Bell, Compass
60a: Higgins India Ink and Speedball Pen Tip
61a: America Retold Metal Silhouette Bookends and Napkin Holders
62a: Baekgaard Paperweight Collection
63a: Travel Candles
64a: Baekgaard Paperweight Collection
65a: Nautical Decor; Lighthouse Lamp, Bell, Compass
66a: Small Metal Boxes
67a: Baekgaard Paperweight Collection 
68a: Decorative Eggs
69a: Miniature Paintings on Tile Pieces
70a: Baekgaard Paperweight Collection 
71a: Shells, Shell Decor
72a: Paper Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Nesting Box Sets
73a: Metal Wax Drip Catchers
74a: Large Scissors
75a: Busts
76a: Steiff Mohair Bear
77a: Steiff Classic 1920 Teddybar with box
78a: Blankets
79a: Quilt
80a: Hanging Organizers
81a: Ephemera including JFK Life Magazines
82a: Retro Formica Kitchen Table with leaves
83a: Books
84a: Older Books
85a: Tuxedo and Suits
86a: Military Uniforms; Hats, Jacket, Shirts and more
87a: Marine Corps Flag Stone
88a: Framed Painting on Board Signed
89a: Framed Art w/water damage
90a: 2 Metal Framed Botany/Specimen Illustration Style Art
91a: Assorted Sm Frames & Framed Art 
92a: Pastel on Art-board 19th Century signed Ward
93a: Multi Media Framed Original Art Pc
94a: Framed Silk Peacock Scene
95a: Multi-Media Jacob's Ladder Signed P.S. Richards May 85
96a: Framed Carousel Horse Print by Teri
97a: Vintage Printed Bird Scene
98a: Framed Oil on Canvas Landscape Scene
99a: Framed Black Girl w/hat Print
100a: 2 Diane Arthurs Print Watering Cans 
101a: "Something old, Something New" Print by Arnie R Fisk  
102a: Vintage Graduation Photo EHS 1947
103a: Hare Print
104a: Framed Print "They're All Mine" by Wesley Dennis
105a: Watercolor Prints 6 & 7/100 signed Purdy 
106a: L Spivey Cat Print Framed 
107a: 2 Framed Litho American Wigeon Pair & Green Winged Teal Pair by Dave Sellers
108a: Fantasy Giraffes
109a: Painting on Glass
110a: Rolltop Desk & Chair by Johnson Chair Co
111a: Golf in the 18th Century Print 
112a: Framed Botany Print Priscilla Harvey 1981 
113a: Nic-Nacks
114a: Wearable Bears Prints
115a: Vintage Dolls
116a: Pin-It Shirt Marker
117a: Embroidery Hoops
118a: Elna Elnasuper Sewing Machine in Case
119a: Deborah's Collection Theorem Painting
120a: Alison Shriver Designs Signed 92 Framed
121a: Framed Embroidery Art
122a: Vintage Rolling Dresser With Dovetail Drawers
123a: Vintage Dresser with Dovetail Drawers
124a: Wooden Parts
125a: Framed Print L. David
126a: Metal Wall Art with Birds Nest and Glass Cups
127a: Decorative Crafts Inc Mars Tray
128a: Stupell Industries Fireplace Screen Art
129a: Sewn Animals
130a: Mirror
131a: Grollman's Fur Jacket
132a: Sewing Machine Accessories
133a: Vintage Wedding Dress
134a: Quilting Supplies
135a: Paint on Art board and Circuit Board
136a: Sheila's Houses
137a: Books
138a: Children's Books
139a: Dollhouse, Inside not completely assembled
140a: Doll Made in Germany; Jointed, Blinking Eyes
141a: The Hamilton Collection: Sally, Hayley, Savannah, Charisse
142a: Barbies in Box: Savvy Shopper, Shopping Chic, Summer Splendor
143a: Brandywine Collectibles
144a: Dolls by Pauline
145a: Dolls by Pauline 
146a: Schildrot Dolls
147a: Sigikid Dolls; 24219 348/500, 28160 859/1500
148a: Virginia Turner Limited Edition Blue Dress, Eye & Red Hair
149a: Johannes Zook Originals Doll Bonnie
150a: Mikey, The Wimbledon Collection Designed by Gustave and Gretchen Wolff
151a: Connie's Dolls and Co Porcelain Doll
152a: Vintage Magis Roma Doll
153a: Hildegard Gunzel Collection Mai Ling 129/500
154a: Gotz Dolls; Frederique 187/1000, Marc 172/750
155a: Pat Secrist 1988 #23
156a: African American Gerber Baby Doll
157a: Georgetown Collection; Baby Bunting 1989, Annabelle, Blackberry Blossom
158a: Dynasty Doll Collection
159a: Kish & Co Dolls Caroline, Mia (290/750), Charlotte 
160a: Porcelain Dolls Missy Christmas & More
161a: Cottage Collectibles by Ganz Megan, Sue Mae, Jan, Penny, Annie, Gillian
162a: San Francisco Music Box Co Julia plays Mendelssohn's Wedding March 277-1600
163a: Marian Yu Designs Dolls Grouping
164a: Frederica Dolls Dante 7/1000 & Angel Eye's 9/1000
165a: 7' Wall Mirror 
166a: Vernor Seely 482/2000
167a: Corolle 95-31J12e & Little Waken
168a: Lee Middleton 196/1000
169a: Lexington Hall Wimbleton Collection Sandi
170a: Moments Treasure 2140/2500
171a: Guy Luy & Hubert Doll Studio 2 Vintage Dolls Emily & Kaska
172a: Ashton Drake Galleries Little Sleepy & Vintage Metal Doll Crib
173a: Cottage Collectibles by Ganz Makesha, Ali w/Bobo & Makesha w/doll 
174a: World Gallery Dolls Bartica Lozano, Tracy by Jay Berard 1338/2000, Kay M Okee
175a: Premier Brigitte by Barbara Oda on stand
176a: The Great American Doll Company Martina, Marlene, Stuffed Dog Popcorn
177a: Ponch by Annette Hinsteot
178a: Jessie by Rustie & Unnamed by Rustie
179a: Effanbee Rose Flower Fairy & Michelle by Effanbee 
180a: FayZah Spanos Dolls Jacques , Cherub, Eros, Joy   
181a: The Collectibles by Phyllis Parkins Morgan Paige 39/100, Jared (vinyl) 22/650, Little Lovables *pickup 8-18 10a-2p*
182a: Peggy Anne Ridley Art Dolls Melandie 12/50, Sachiko 28/500
183a: Good-Kruger Dolls Vinyl Collection Alice 181/1000, Ramblin Rosey
184a: Porcelain Good-Krugers Amelia's Gift & Puddle Jumper
185a: Zim's Heirloom Collectibles Cigar Smoker, Fisherman, Golfer, Clock Maker
186a: Brinn's Jessica 
187a: Hildegard Gunzel Collection Pablo
188a: Porcelain Doll in Fur Jacket 46/100 on stand Phyllis Parkins
189a: Seymour Mann Dolls, Little Pavola, Flower Fairy Purple, Flower Fairy Pink & Musical Doll *pickup 8-18 10a-2p*
190a: Bonomi Italy Vintage Doll Thumb Missing
191a: Porcelain Head Soft Body Father Christmas
192a: Talking Baby Secret by Mattel, Raggedy Anne, & Other Vintage Toys
193a: Doll Stands
194a: Vintage Travel Frames & Nesting Boxes
195a: Sm Wooden Jewelry Boxes
196a: Vintage Travel Frames & Nesting Boxes 
197a: Doll/Baby Clothing & Accessories 
198a: Button Bears Figurines
199a: Assorted Art Supplies, glue guns, model clay
200a: Yarn & Knitting Needles
201a: The Tails of Silent Lou Doll & Book
202a: Drafting Table wooden 
203a: Boyd's Bear Furniture
204a: Wicker Doll Furniture Set 
205a: Boyd's Bear Storage Hutch
206a: Magicloth Toy Collection Here's Elmo, Here's Big Bird
207a: Magicloth Toy Collection Doll Collection Inducing Genevieve, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Patsy
208a: Wooden Headboard w/ metal frames
209a: Dura-Craft Dollhouse FH 505 Farmhouse
210a: Blueberry Pie Dollhouse Kit
211a: Real Good Toys Vermont Farmhouse Jr
212a: Real Good Toys Easy to Build Dollhouse kit
213a: Alison Jr Real Good Toys Dollhouse J-M907
214a: Alison Jr Real Good Toys Dollhouse J-M907
215a: Walmer Enterises Strawberry Patch Wing #460
216a: Wooden Dollhouse Lazy Susan
217a: Dollhouse Lazy Susan unpainted
218a: Style 460 Strawberry Patch Wing
219a: Dollhouse Base Lazy Susan
220a: Front Opening Shoppe Real Good Toys #FO-MK
221a: Celerity Miniature Home #357-217
222a: Doll Furniture, Victorian Style Velvet 
223a: Heritage Collection Real Life Miniature Furniture Kits
224a: Heritage Collection Real Life Miniature Furniture Kits
225a: Dollhouse Building Parts: Windows, Staircases, Banisters, Porch parts
226a: Dollhouse Building Parts: Roofing
227a: Assorted Dollhouse & Quilt Magazines
228a: Assorted Dollhouse Supplies: Interior Decor
229a: Dollhouse Building Supplies: Electrical
230a: Large Grouping of Dollhouse Furniture Kits
231a: Dollhouse Supplies: Carpeting, Tile, Wallpaper
232a: Paperdoll & Paper Sculpture Kits 
233a: Wooden Display Rack on Lazy Susan
234a: Assorted Hanging Ornaments
235a: Wooden Display Rack no Plaques
236a: Ceramic Plagues
237a: Ceramic Plagues 
238a: Ceramic Plagues
239a: Ceramic Plagues
240a: Ceramic Plagues 
241a: Ceramic Plagues 
242a: Ceramic Plagues 
243a: Ceramic Plagues 
244a: Ceramic Plagues 
245a: Ceramic Plagues 
246a: Millwood Toy Co Noah's Ark Martins Design Model A19 w/animals Limited Edition 
247a: Assembled Wooden Dollhouse
248a: Assembled 3-story Dollhouse Sky Blue & Brown
249a: Assembled 2 story White Dollhouse w/blue trim
250a: Noah's Ark Wagon & Blue Wagon
251a: Assembled Doll House Seafoam Green
252a: Ceramic Plaques Mountaine Meadows Pottery 
253a: Ceramic Plaques Mountaine Meadows Pottery 
254a: Ceramic Plaques Mountaine Meadows Pottery 
255a: Large Grouping of Doll Chairs by THT Designs
256a: THT Designs Doll Furniture
257a: Patches
258a: Assorted Vintage Toys incls Fisher-Price Snoopy
259a: Grouping of Bookmarks by Weathervanes over America
260a: Leaf & Flower Press
261a: Hanging Bird Bath
262a: Assorted Doll Furniture Upholstered
263a: Buggy's by Bauer Wooden & Cast Iron Wagon
264a: Wooden Child's Bench
265a: Dollhouse Furniture, People, Decor, Plumbing
266a: Painted Wooden Decor
267a: Painted Wood Halloween & Christmas Decor
268a: Curtain Panels Mostly Lace
269a: Upholstered Doll Furniture
270a: Tri-Fold Screen/Room Divider 
271a: 4 Rustic Chair w/stuffed occupants
272a: Unframed Art
273a: Posters & Canvas unframed
274a: Posters No Frames 
275a: Vintage Wicker Set
276a: Pottery Barn Flat Braided Jute Rug 8x10
277a: Large Grouping of Vintage Fur
278a: crock lamps
279a: egyptian heavy table lamp
280a:  70's wood and glass lamps
281a: lamb crock lamp
282a: wooden victorian doll house lamp 
283a: table lamp
284a: hanging glass lamp 
285a:  hanging lamp parts
286a: wood and glass table lamp
287a:   Vintage motorcycle parts Harley Davidson
288a: Large Grouping of Planters
289a: Large Grouping of Pots
290a: St. Francis of Assisi Bird Bath 
291a: Cat & Mouse silhouette
292a: Garden Plaques
293a: Garden Plaques
294a: Sheep Plaque
295a: Garden Decor
296a: Cherub Plaque 
297a: Round Birdhouses
298a: Flower Plaques
299a: Large Planters
300a: 3 Children Playing Statue


 Craftsman Direct Drive Scroll Saw 
2b: Black & Decker Utility Saw & Drill
3b: Tile in Milk Crates
4b: Hand Tools
5b: Barrel & Contents
6b: Green Lee Vacuum 
7b: Vintage Key, Hook and Long Handle Cutting tool
8b: Metal Turtle
9b: Sears Lightweight Sportster
10b: Ropes w/clips
11b: Crate of Straps
12b: Table in need of Love
13b: Rustoleum Hard Hat Spray Paint Grouping
14b: Silver, White, Brown & Green Rust-oleum Spray Paint
15b: Flags
16b: Bungees & more
17b: Paint Brushes, Wire Brushes & Putty Knives
18b: Rolling Metal Utility Cart
19b: Electrical Tape Grouping
20b: Large Ridgid Pipe Wrench 86" & 24" & Pipe Cutters
21b: Assorted Nails & Screws
22b: Nuts & Bolts
23b: Grouping of Nails
24b: Grouping of Screws
25b: Wooden Crate Full of Large Nuts, Bolts and Washers 
26b: Strap Steel & Other Parts
27b: Decorative Hanging Parts
28b: EdenPure Heater
29b: Vintage Camp Stove 
30b: Vintage Camp Stove 
31b: Old Stove
32b: Century Burner
33b: Cast Iron Stove
34b: Broom Bases
35b: Cascade Pears Crate Full of Masonry Tools
36b: Vintage Hand Tools in a metal Crate
37b: Paintlight Stand
38b: Grinder & Accessories
39b: Toolbox w/putty knives
40b: Assorted Metal Hardware
41b: Assorted Wrench Many Craftsman
42b: Crate of Hammers, chisels, files 
43b: Assorted sizes of pipe wrenches
44b: Assorted Adjustable Wrenches
45b: Grouping of Sickles
46b: Grouping of Claw Hammers
47b: Crowbars, Pry Bars, and metal leverage tools 
48b: Assorted Styles of Pliers
49b: Assorted Yard Cutting Tools
50b: Assorted Tape
51b: Ball-peen hammer Grouping 
52b: Assorted Scissors
53b: Assorted Wrenches & Pliers
54b: Assorted Mattocks & Pickaxes 
55b: Zipties
56b: Sockets
57b: Large Grouping of Files
58b: Chains & Other Fastners
59b: Box of Square Mounting Brakets
60b: Craftsman 16" 36cc chainsaw
61b: Caution Tape
62b: Metal & Wood Dowls
63b: Black & Decker Power Drill &  Skil Power Drill
64b: Electrical Components
65b: Box Cutters
66b: Metal Box w/ Eye bolts, hooks, Balls
67b: Work Gloves
68b: box of aluminium brackets
69b: Vintage Metal Toolbox w/contents
70b: Vintage Wooden Toolbox w/tools screwdrivers some Snap-On
71b: Bucket of Yard Tools
72b: Box of Vintage Vacuum Parts
73b: Metal Box Of Sprinkler Hose Nozzles and Gilmour Clamps
74b: Box of Safety Goggles
75b: Box of Paint Brushes
76b: Cloth Bags and Tarp
77b: Sandpaper
78b: Scrub Pads and Steel Wool
79b: Ropes and Pully
80b: Crates of Plumbing parts
81b: Jumper Cables and Flare Box
82b: Electric Heater
83b: Folding Chair
84b: Wooden Crate Of Plumbers Scraps
85b: Jugs
86b: Metal Ball
87b: Partial Box Sylvania Fluorescent Bulbs
88b: Trojan Powder Box including Teel Pumps, Varying Age, Untested
89b: Milkcrate of Plexiglass and Glass Pane
90b: Hose
91b: Large Grouping of Clamps and Rope Bite
92b: Northwind Resin Face
93b: Box of Lubricant, Silicone Gaskets, Soldering equipment, Brookside Fruit Crate
94b: Box of Parts
95b: Taps and Snap-On Socket Set, Chapman Tool set
96b: Wooden Sorting Display
97b: Hole Saw, Hand Drill, Stakes, Drill Bits
98b: Wooden Bench
99b: Box of Bits and Clamps, Chuck Keys
100b: Bowling Balls
101b: Knives
102b: Box of Clothespins and Coat Hanger Racks
103b: Crates of Metal Pluming Parts, Lots of Copper
104b: Fountain Pumps
105b: Cans including Vintage Gas and Oil Cans
106b: Saws
107b: Gas Cans
108b: Homelite XL Automatic Oiling Chainsaw in Parts
109b: Large Cutting Wheels in Vintage Wooden Box
110b: Gan can and Oil Pans
111b: Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Screws
112b: Automotive Fluid Lot and More
113b: Nuts, Bolts, S Hooks, Anchors 
114b: Large Lot Mostly Nails
115b: Old Handsaws
116b: Large Bolts and nuts
117b: Lubricating Grease, Roof Cement, Charcoal Starter and More
118b: Grouping of Nuts, Bolts, Washers in bags
119b: Stained glass making supplies 
120b: Vintage number 1022 ten ton duff jack
121b: Pro-lift two and a quarter ton floor jack and come along
122b: bowsaws and hacksaws
123b: bucket of Shackles and U-bolts 
124b:  jack, wenches, air tools
125b:  hillside orchard vintage crate with electrical wires
126b: Bench Brushes in box
127b:  spark plugs  
128b: Types of Saws
129b: saw blades 
130b: vintage brushes
131b:   levels and large grouping of sharpening stones
132b:  decorative hooks, c-hooks
133b:  sk tools socket sets craftman ignition wrenches
134b: wrenches, brush handles alan keys craftsman alan wrenches
135b:  large grouping of rulers
136b:  wire brushes and other specialty brushes
137b: national geographic magazines some from 1960's  
139b: vanity plates 
140b: wooden ladder 
141b: cauldren 
142b:  silca gel
143b: axes
144b:  masonary drills, taps, drill bits
145b: signs
146b: westinghouse grinding wheel
147b:  winner takes all top of bench
148b:large lot of algoflash 
149b: vintage wooden basket with iron tools
150b: craftsman metal toolbox with contents
151b:  wooden box with contents
152b: Vintage motor parts
153b: Baskets
154b: electrical wire
155b: face plates 
156b: wooden cart with metal wheels 
157b: pully
158b: bicycle pump
159b: vintage stool 
160b: Bench
161b: Railroad Water Pail, Pail, Oil Can
162b: vintage medicine cabinet no doors
163b: bucket of yard stakes
164b: bucket of plant holders
165b:  saddle bag
166b: cadence 825 treadmill
167b: large wooden curtains
168b: large wooden curtains
169b: large wooden curtains 
170b:  large wooden curtain
171b: Bird Baths 
172b:  3D ballon wagon sculpture
173b: Lindstroms gold star game incomplete 
174b:   torro snowcomander
175b: Pond Liner
176b: Vintage Simplex Jack
177b: Metal Watering Can & Wash bin
178b: Radio Town & Country Wagon
179b: Vigilant Cast Iron Stove
180b: Antique Cart w/Iron Wheels
181b: Metal & Glass Table
182b: Two Benches in need of new Wood Slate
183b: Yard Decor incl Bird Bath
184b: saw horses
185b: Sterling Columbia Bike
186b: 4 Vintage Push Mowers 
187b: Jockey Lawn Ornaments
188b: Vintage Farm Tools
189b: Vintage Metal Lawn Furniture
190b: Plastic Furniture
191b: Vintage Tires
192b: Military Grouping
193b: Glass & Metal Tables
194b: Patio Table w/chairs
195b: Metal Cart
196b: Wooden Ladders
197b: Composter & Hose Reel
198b: Wooden Crates; One Krakus Brand Ham
199b: Cabinet Piece
200b: Decorative Wall Cabinet
201b: White Wicker Chair and Table
202b: Round Wooden Table
203b: Kids Wooden Kitchen
204b: Vintage Children's School Desk
205b: Rocking Chairs in need of repair
206b: Oval Wooden Table, Unassembeled
207b: Wooden Chest on Rollers
208b: Wood Framed Mirror
209: March-Brownback Cast Iron Stove Pottstown PA
210b: White Wicker Chair and Table
211b: Schooner Brand Wooden Crate
212b: Wooden Crate
213b: Reading Crane and Hoist Cardboard Barrel
214b: Wooden Crate
215b: Pans
216b: W.J.Carpenter Wooden Cage
217b: Pot and Round Wooden Shelf
218b: Wooden Cage
219b: Vintage Doll Pram, Doll High Chair and Tricycle
220b: Wooden Crate and File Bins
221b: I Love Bears Bench and Wagon
222b: Wooden Case
223b: Wooden Box and Runners
224b: Wooden Welcome/Christmas Barrel, Tree Stand and Lights
225b: Wooden Toolboxes
226b: Extension Cords
227b: Heaters and Fan
228b: Baseboard Heater
229b: Red Rolling Cart
230b: Wooden Doll Bunk
231b: 2 pairs whitney skis
232b: Sm Metal Sled
233b: blizzard adult skis
234b: antique sled wood and metal
235b: two sets of skis  
236b: stilts 
237b: brooms 
238b:   wooden boxes
239b: large wooden box on legs 
240b:  browns dairy wooden crates
241b:   metal containers
242b: Decorative Bird Bath
243b: metal fireplace utensils
244b:   two wood spindles
245b: metal fireplace utensils  
246b:   resin gargoyles
247b:  painted washboard
248b: metal antique press
249b: metal garden stakes 
250b: staircase spindles  
251b: resin urn 
252b: large wooden roevling spool  
253b: two wooden apple baskets
254b: antique trunk
255b: wood bookshelf
256b: large antique trunk
257b: wooden sofa table
258b: wooden stool 
259b: two wooden stools
260b:  wooden bar stool
261b:  childrens wooden chairs
262b: plastic storage containers  
263b:  wooden scraps
264b: Vintage Meat Cutter
265b: Metal Shelf
266b: Doll Crib
267b: Wooden Drawer of Extension Cords, Lights
268b: Pair of Wooden Shelves
269b: Lamps
270b: Wooden and Metal Chandelier
271b: Lamp
272b: Candle Lamps and Accessories
273b:  8 Inch Brass Mini Lamps 8pickup Sat 8-18 10a-2p*
274b: Slag Lampshade
275b: Coleman Lantern and light fixture
276b: Lamp Oil
277b: Fountain
278b: Oil Lamps
279b: Plastic Display Boxes
280b: Xylophone
281b: Panasonic Synthesizer Tuner, Amplifier, Double Cassette Deck, Turn Table
282b: Locks
283b: Flippers
284b: Office Supples and more
285b: Fans
286b: Nuts and Bolts and Glass Cutter
287b: Protective Suits
288b: Craftsmand 3/8 Drill, Hand Sander, Black and Decker Screwdriver, Saw blade, Scissors and mor
289b: Purse
290b: Green Garden Arch
291b: Metal Pig
292b: American Flag 2x3
293b: Sears Safety Door hardware Kit
294b: Glass Ashtrays and Lighter
295b: Flower Arrangers
296b: RCA Victor Radio and Alarm Clock
297b: Jute and String
298b: John Deer Decor
299b: Metal Candle Holders
300b: Bat Box, Bird House, Bird Feeder, Ladybug House and Bee Tube
301b: winner takes all building supplies
302b: Bricks, shingles, concrete and window
303b: Winners Take all Shutters, Doors, Etc
304b: Garden Hand Tools Winner Takes all


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